Agility, Innovation, and Leadership

After more than 10 years dedicated to online projects, leading work teams, and helping organizations to develop successful products, I have discovered that all I have learned is also applicable to non-technical areas. I'm a Software Engineer, gently changing his focus to help people improving their skills and achieve their goals.

I speak from my own experience as an employee, as a teammate, as an entrepreneur... as a person. I read, experiment, learn, rehearse, make mistakes, retest, fail early, analyze and start again! Little by little, I am developing a method that I share through keynotes, courses, and my blog.

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Drupal experts company based in Spain. Excellence and quality software managed by professional people in the sector. Metadrop maintains a big number of modules in Drupal, attends national and international events and conferences both as speakers and listeners, write technical articles that we like to share.

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Feel free to find me in any social media network or send me an email if you want to work/collaborate with me.

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